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Working Moms: These 4 Features Promise Worry-Free Child Care While You Work

Whether you are a full-time working mom or you pick up some hours at your old job in the afternoon, you’re currently in need of a child care centre to watch your little ones during these times. Reading reviews online and speaking with other moms in the area is helpful when selecting a centre, but visiting and paying attention to specific elements is the best way to gain a feel for the centre.



Safety Features
When you enroll your children in a centre, safety is likely one of your biggest concerns. Ask about the security features, and find out who is permitted to enter the building during the day. Also, you should look for safety gates, large shelving units that children could pull down on top of themselves and so forth. Furthermore, pay attention to where employees leave their bags. A bag filled with small items could act as a choking hazard to little children.



Rooms Divided by Age
Interacting with children of different ages is important to a degree. However, most of your children’s friends are going to be around the same age as they are for the duration of their schooling career. Additionally, when the rooms are divided by age, then the programs can be geared more specifically to the learning needs of that population. You may also want to ask if the centre has a kindergarten program so that you know up until what age your children are able to continue going to this particular entity.



Religious Background
Some centres are entirely secular, and others have a religious affiliation. Finding out what the religious affiliation is may or may not be important to you. You might be happy to have your children learn about a faith that is different from your own. On the other hand, if you have no faith, then you might prefer that your children aren’t taught about it, or if you are very religious, then you may prefer to send your children to a centre from your own background. You can also ask how much faith is incorporated into the daily routine of the establishment.



Daily Activities
Allowing children the time to simply play with each other, instead of pressuring them to race into another activity, is important to their development as social beings. However, when your children are going to spend a decent portion of their time at a particular place, you would like to gain a sense of the structure. For example, you can ask when lunch and snack-time is, and you should inquire about any special concerns with allergies at this point. Furthermore, you also want to know if your children will engage in academic endeavors, arts and crafts, physical-education-esque activities and so forth.

Preparing a list of questions before you tour the centre is a smart idea. That way, you don’t need to feel as though you are forgetting an important inquiry. Before you leave, obtain the number for a point of contact if you come up with any other questions later on.
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