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Top 5 Malaysia’s Most Amazing Private Villas With A Pool


With sunny weather all year round and a favorable exchange rate currently, Malaysia could possibly top the list for an affordable South East Asian luxury villa getaway. While it’s extremely expensive to book a private villa with a pool in more developed countries such as Singapore, you have more options of booking a private villa in Malaysia without burning a hole in your pockets. Here are the Top 5 Malaysia’s most amazing private villas with a pool.

  1. St Regis Langkawi

Langkawi is known as the Jewel of Kedah situated in Northern Malaysia, west of Kedah and is a cluster of 99 islands making it an island paradise with lots to explore. St Regis Langkawi is one of the best private villas the island can offer with a private infinity pool balcony to take your sunbathing session to a whole new level. With a choice of either an ocean or forest view, St Regis Langkawi is a luxury that every hardworking man deserves.

  1. Lexis Hibiscus

One can easily mistake Port Dickson’s Lexis Hibiscus for resorts in Maldives. Its iconic bungalows on the water make it one of the most popular private sea villas and it’s not difficult to see why. Boasting a private pool overlooking the sea which also includes a see-through glass in the middle of the bathroom allowing you to look at what’s beneath, Lexis Hibiscus makes for the perfect retreat.

  1. The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat

Stepping into the resort of The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat is like something cut out for royalty. Possibly Ipoh’s most famous hot springs retreat, booking a private pool villa here comes with other unparalleled amenities, such as the crystal cave and an isolated meditation cave. Integrated with Ipoh’s natural hot springs and caves, The Banjaran can prove to be a retreat like no other. With so many activities available, one does not need to step out of The Banjaran at all. Guests can indulge in numerous hot springs, conquer the jungle trails or workout in their spacious fitness centre.

  1. Luxe Sarang Villa

Sarang, which means “nest” in Malay sports features such as an indoor villa pool and an outdoor plunge pool as well. Villa Samadhi is a haven unlike others as it is nestled in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Luxe Sarang Villa is a great alternative to the high rise luxury hotels you’ll find everywhere in Kuala Lumpur city. In fact, the touch of luxury is reflected in the superb amenities provided such as complimentary bourbon in a decanter when you arrive and replaced with port wine after you’ve finished.

  1. Dana Daun Chalets 

If flora and fauna are what you’re looking for in a resort, Dana Daun Chalets fit the bill. The 5 chalets are situated in the jungles of Janda Baik in Pahang and are being shielded from the harsh Malaysian weather being 700m above sea level with temperatures going as low as a cool 22 degrees at night. Facilities also include a private pool, barbecue pits, and a restaurant that serves delicious local cuisine. However, do note that the chalets are not fitted with air conditioning.


With so many private villas to choose from in Malaysia, being pampered like a king or queen is just a click away. But do note that these private villas are extremely popular, so do book early if you don’t want to be disappointed this holiday!